Bo’s Brewed Coffee

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Serving Bulk Freshly Brewed Coffee to the Greater Denver Area Since 1947!

Fresh Coffee Caterer in Denver, Colorado

We believe a cup of coffee is one of the most important, simple pleasures in life.

Owned and operated by Steve ‘Bo’ Bograkos, Bo’s Brewed Coffee offers fresh coffee brewing, delivery, and catering services for businesses and institutions in the Denver Metro area.

Formerly called Liquid Coffee Plus, we have been providing these services since 1947.

Bo’s Brewed Coffee
Bo’s Brewed Coffee

We understand that caterers and event venues all have the capability to brew and serve coffee, but when an event is too large, a large quantity is required. We provide coffee in quantities from 100 to 12,000 cups-that is 5 to 600 gallons.

We also offer coffee and bagels/doughnut service on a regular basis, based on requirements. If you serve them to your customers or staff regularly, we can take care of it for you! We have been serving several First Bank locations with coffee for over 20 years.

Additionally, we provide hot cocoa, hot spiced cider, lemonade, and iced tea. Decorative urn covers for specific events are available.

Customer Testimonials

Bo’s Brewed Coffee

Epicurean Catering

I would not hesitate to recommend Bo's Brewed Coffee®. Whether you need coffee, tea, or hot water for 15 people or 1500 people, you will always get great prices, great product, and outstanding service. The staff is professional, easy to work with, and they will go to any length to ensure your total satisfaction. If you know what you need, they will handle it... if you are not sure, let their experience guide you. You will not be disappointed. Bo's Brewed Coffee® hits the mark every time!

~Shannon Donaldson

Operations Manager, Epicurean Catering

Bo’s Executive Coffee Service®
REALTOR® Association

Bo and Debi have been supplying our Marketing session with coffee and doughnuts every Friday at 7 a.m. for almost 6 years. After all these years, I don’t even think about my order - it's always there when I arrive. There have been times when, at the last minute, I discovered that I needed to increase or decrease my order or that I’ve run out of coffee cups and all I do is make a call. They always make it happen.

~Peggy Prior

Membership Director, South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

I am pleased to say that for the past 6 years, Bo's Brewed Coffee® has delivered coffee and snacks ( Executive Coffee Service) to our students at UCHSC. Our students look forward to the coffee, lemonade & cookies they deliver to our auditorium on a weekly basis. Despite our campus moving form 9th Avenue & Colorado Blvd. to Fitzsimons, our deliveries have always been on time and delicious. I proudly recommend using Bo's Brewed Coffee® to satisfy any of your beverage needs.

~Santiago Gonzales

Administrative Assistant II, Human Medical Genetics Program, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Special Events - Denver Big Air Competition Alem International

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~Kim Rose

Business Manager, Alem International
Bo’s Brewed Coffee
Bo’s Brewed Coffee

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve these fine businesses and event venues:

  • Folsom Field – Levy Restaurant
  • Empower Field – Epicurean Catering
  • Coors Field – Aramark
  • Ball Arena
  • University of Denver -- Sodexo
  • Denver Center of Performing Arts
  • First Bank
  • South Metro Denver RELATORS® Association
  • Catering by Design
  • Occasions Catering Denver
  • Serendipity Catering